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Engineering Drawing & Design - II

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109 to 218 minutes
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In a field that requires highly developed visualization skills, the second training of a two part series continues to reduces the learning curve of engineering drawing and design by bridging the gap between theoretical and applied learning. Studentss use the knowledge gained in part 1 to learn dimensioning skills and auxillary and section views. Topics then transition to Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD) and applied new technologies to move a design from the initial sketch to the manufacturing stage. This information includes rapid prototyping, part animation, and final manufacturing of a part in the assembly.

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Training for anyone entering or working in the Engineering Drawing and Desgin field.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Dimensioning Skills
    • Introduction
    • Basic rules of dimensioning
    • Dimensioning guidelines
    • Dimensioning special features
    • Tolerances in dimensioning
    • Dimensioning quiz
    • Summary
    • Classroom project
  • Auxiliary and Section Views
    • Introduction
    • Auxiliary views
    • Creating a specialty section view
    • Unsectioned features and other section views
    • Summary
    • Classroom project
  • Transition to CAD
    • Introduction
    • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
    • CAD hardware
    • Virtual reality
    • Drafting and computer skills in CAD
    • Summary
  • Applied New Technology
    • Introduction
    • From sketch to manufacture: A process overview
    • Animation and virtual reality
    • Time lapsed aircraft assembly
    • Summary
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Identify the necessary dimensions needed to produce a part.
  • Create the multiple parts of a dimension.
  • Develop drawings of the several styles of hole designs.
  • Recognize and apply tolerance styles to drawings.
  • Identify the various styles of part mating.
  • Identify various types of section views.
  • Apply the principles of single projection auxiliary.
  • Create section views to aid in part description.
  • Identify surfaces that will need an auxiliary projection.
  • Identify the components of a CAD workstation.
  • Describe the skills that a quality CAD operator should possess.
  • Explain the 2 different drawing classes that are used in CAD.
  • Observe how the design process is used in aircraft design.
  • Identify and use reverse engineering in product redesign.
  • Observe new automation processes used in manufacturing.
  • Identify visualization tools such as virtual reality and animation.
  • Visualize and understand the complexity of manufacturing projects.

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