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  • A. Routsis Associates is a premier provider of training for the plastics industry. A. Routsis has partnered with other experts in the plastics industry such as, SPI and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), to create training courses which combine interaction, feedback, problem-solving skills, and individual pacing on an easy-to-use online portal.

    Under an Advantage™ agreement, A. Routsis authors their own Advantage™ courses using our authoring tools and platform. Not only does Mastery make A. Routsis courses available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, but we provide A. Routsis with LMS cloud service hosting, allowing them their own branded LMS for their customers.

  • Moxie Media, Inc. is a full-service media design and production company specializing in film, video, interactive multimedia, internet-WWW, and print. Moxie Media is one of the dominant players in creating video training materials for the oil and gas and maritime industries.

    Moxie Media has offerings under the Advantage™, VOD, and Partner Select arrangements. Moxie uses the ecommerce portion of Mastery’s merchandising system for payment fulfillment on their website. Mastery also provides MasteryNet™ LMS cloud service hosting for Moxie to provide customers with their own brand LMS.

  • Access Training Media

    Access Training Media's training courses depict up-to-date scenarios of common issues in business and office environments. Access Training Media takes pride in offering flexible, video training. Their content is engaging and effective because the programs are produced to be realistic and representative of modern business issues including; social media exposure, tackling virtual meetings and workplace meetings, leadership, customer service, interviewing, teamwork, communication, empowerment, and workplace violence.

    Mastery publishes Access Training Media courses under a Video On Demand (VOD) agreement. Access Training Media VODs are then made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, multiplying their revenue potential.

  • Advanced Knowledge, Inc.

    Advanced Knowledge got its start by producing a series of training videos using classic Hollywood motion pictures and world events. Since then Advanced Knowledge has been developing, producing and distributing training and educational products for business and industry.

    Mastery publishes Advanced Knowledge courses under a Video On Demand (VOD) agreement. Advanced Knowledge VODs are then made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, multiplying their revenue potential.

  • Advanced Training Source Inc (ATS Media) video training programs are the broadest spectrum of high-quality, multimedia training resources available.

    ATS Media joined the training and development marketplace with the mission of providing businesses and organizations with only the very best training programs and collateral material.

    ATS Media boasts hundreds of proven, cutting-edge products, not thousands of mass market programs du jour. Peruse ATS Media's assortment of results-based training innovations in the areas of sexual harassment, all forms of harassment, diversity & respect workplace issues, unconscious bias, customer service, teamwork and more!

  • Comprehensive Loss Management Inc (CLMI)

    CLMI Safety Training develops and markets high-quality courseware covering safety and OSHA topics. Their product provides employers the opportunity to improve their organization by implementing services for employee health and well-being and complying with OSHA standards, which in return; reduces workers’ compensation costs through the reduction of employee injury and illness.

    CLMI’s courses are published as both Advantage™ and VOD courses. Not only are their courses available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, but Mastery also powers the "Online Training" on CLMI’s own website. CLMI uses the MasteryNet LMS cloud hosting service to provide their own branded LMS to their customers.

  • CRM Learning

    CRM Learning produces off-the-shelf training materials on interpersonal skills. Their product specialists are trained with CRM Learning videos which contribute for an exclusive expertise of the product library. They believe the only way to help the customer raise the bar for their organization, is to first raise the bar for themselves. CRM courses cover topics such as leadership, accountability, ethics, communication, team building, and more.

    Mastery publishes CRM content in the Video On Demand format, and helps CRM reach new areas of the training market through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • Eleventure

    Eleventure is brought to you by the fine folks at TorranceLearning. TorranceLearning is a custom learning design and development firm located in Chelsea, Michigan, just a stone's throw from Ann Arbor. We're committed to creating a work environment where team members and clients come together to do great things. We work flexible and sane hours. We enjoy each other's company. We build great learning. Eleventure offers e-learning courses that are fast, action-focused on the topics your team needs to be effective.

  • Excal Visual Inc.

    Excal Visual produces proprietary employee training aids to help regulated facilities comply with the worker training requirements of certain regulations. They specialize in training on environmental and hazardous materials regulations including stormwater (SWPPP), SPCC, RCRA, HazCom, HAZWOPER and DOT. Their training programs are aimed at non-EHS professionals: the factory floor worker. Excal Visual's training is concise and to-the-point. No wasting workers' time with information that does not apply to his/her job.

    Excal Visual, Inc. has both an Advantage™ and VOD publishing relationship with Mastery. Beyond making their courses available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, Excal Visual uses Mastery’s LMS cloud service hosting to provide their own branded LMS for their customers.

  • GWT Next

    GWT Next is committed to help you and your organization manage change and be ready for the future of work. As pioneers in cinematic micro-learning where you experience the art of coaching and learning through bite-sized video stories spaced overtime, followed by self-reflection questions, presented on an elegant technology platform.

    GWT Next believes an event is a great place to start but no place to stop! Here is why, real change is not an event it's a process and it takes time. Our programs leverage the human side of change with “live” sessions/events blended with cinematic micro-learning programs where the learning and collaboration continues over time.

  • IT University Online Training

    IT University Online is the leader in providing online IT training courses. We build our curriculum using proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles to create the highest quality courses in the IT training field. IT University employs only the industry's finest instructors and course developers to create courses and certification preparation materials unrivaled in the marketplace. With a passion for technology and a focus on being the first company to bring new technology courses to market, IT University strives and succeeds in always providing its student with the tools needed to succeed at the highest possible level and raise the benchmark in today's IT industry

  • Marcom, Ltd

    Marcom, Ltd. has advanced alongside ever-evolving technology to create training products for a variety of workplaces. They offer massive libraries of videotapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, online safety and regulatory compliance courses, as well as a full line of posters, booklets and compliance manuals. They have special product lines for construction safety, HAZWOPER and laboratory safety.

    Mastery publishes Marcom titles in the Advantage™, VOD and Partner formats. On top of channeling their training through the MasteryTCN™ Network, Marcom uses Mastery to deliver their online/web-based training and MasteryNet LMS cloud service hosting to provide customers with their own branded LMS.

  • NextGen

    Backed by years of research and industry knowledge, Laura Goodrich and Sara Sladek came together to form Next Generation. Goodrich and Sladek are co-creators of Next Generations's new cinematic, micro-learning program for leaders to learn how to engage early talent. Sladek and Goodrich both come from backgrounds as renowned authors, speakers and advisors with extensive experience in helping organizations overcome common challenges.

  • Quality Media Resources, Inc.

    Quality Media Resources (QMR) specializes in training employees to foster better workplace relationships. QMR's courses use influential dramatizations, expert commentaries, comprehensive facilitation materials, handouts, and more. These additional materials help develop a training curriculum geared towards the specific needs of an organization. QMR is passionate about influencing organizations to hold respectful and productive relationships at the workplace.

    Mastery publishes QMR courses under a Video On Demand (VOD) agreement. QMR VODs are then made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, multiplying their revenue potential.

  • Sonic Performance Support GmbH

    Sonic Performance Support produces short Microsoft office video training courses, implementing an important trend of e-learning known as "micro learning." These easily accessible videos allow users to incorporate their freshly trained knowledge directly into their daily work routine.

    Mastery publishes Sonic Performance Support’s Microsoft training courses in the Video On Demand format and makes them available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • StressStop/AudioVision Inc.

    Stress Stop specializes in producing resources for stress management, including training. By combining the latest medical and psychological information with common sense training materials, Stress Stop provides stress management solutions applicable across industries.

    Mastery publishes Stress Stop courses according to the VOD agreement and makes their courseware available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • SunShower Learning

    SunShower Learning is an award-winning boutique producer of emotionally impactful, thought-provoking training programs. Fully documented with comprehensive training materials, SunShower Learning provides companies with diversity workshops. From their bestselling product, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts to their acclaimed Inclusion Insights program and ground-breaking Anyone Can Be An Ally, SunShower Learning is dedicated to creating a more respectful workplace, while producing programs that are usable within the workplace, school or government organization.

    Mastery publishes SunShower Learning courses under a Video On Demand (VOD) agreement. SunShower Learning VODs are then made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, multiplying their revenue potential.

  • TeleTime Productions

    TeleTime is an award-winning full service video production company that creates content for every type of business communication. In 1984 we established a relationship with Inc. Magazine producing marketing programs relaying the practices of fast growth entrepreneurs. That evolved into the launch of what would become hundreds of best practice business videos covering all disciplines of growing a business. Those programs were fully developed by TeleTime and marketed through organizations such as BusinessWeek, AdAge, Black Enterprise, The SBA, Hearst, Crains and sponsored by major companies such as AT&T, IBM, Xerox, Visa, JPMorgan, Microsoft, among others. TeleTime is constantly updating its library and interviewing some of the world's most recognized and fastest growing CEOs.

  • To The Point Communications, Inc.

    To The Point Communications, Inc. was created to fill the demand for brief, well structured safety training programs designed for online streaming. Each training program is designed be no more than 13 minutes in length and all programs have a consistent look, style and feel. This allows users to become familiar with the brand and be confident as to what they are getting when they select a "To The Point" program from a list of available online titles. Each program quickly gets to the point about the training topic and encourages the viewer to always make it a point to be safe. All programs are available in English and Spanish.

    Mastery publishes To The Point Communications training courses in the Video On Demand format and makes them available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • TrainingABC

    TrainingABC is a one-stop source for corporate, safety and educational DVDs. We provide business training videos on harassment, diversity, customer service, interviewing, appraisal, safety, motivation, workplace violence, teamwork, legal issues and much, much more.

  • Vado Inc

    Vado, Inc. produces learning content to help employees learn and develop skills on the job. Vado’s content covers a wide-range of topics including project management, onboarding, engagement and retention, career development, and competency development. Vado’s learning content is developed to provide short instructional modules with step-by-step guides for implementing new skills.

    Mastery publishes Vado’s training programs in the Video On Demand format and channels their content tthrough the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • Video and Internet Stuff, Inc.

    Video and Internet Stuff, LLC specializes in video production, videography and video editing for small businesses, non-profits and everyday folks. Video and Internet Stuff has more than 15 years of experience producing training and safety programs, mainly focused on the transportation industry and corporate communications programs. At Video and Internet Stuff they focus on message, story and creating compelling videos and multimedia projects with purpose, valuing substance over style.

    Mastery publishes Video and Internet Stuff courses in the Video On Demand and Advantage formats.

  • Video Information System Training Assoc (VISTA)

    VISTA Training produces training solutions for industries involved in earthmoving, excavating and mining. VISTA is focused on helping their customers maintain serious safety attitudes, while meeting compliance requirements. VISTA’s expertise in heavy equipment allows them to serve customers in nearly every industry where heavy equipment is used.

    Mastery has published VISTA’s courseware on the Advantage™ platform and makes it available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • Video Visions

    Video Visions offers modern day business skills training. Video Visions strives to create realistic, engaging and effective training videos. Course topics include; workplace meetings, leadership, customer service, interviewing, teamwork, communication, empowerment, and workplace violence.

    Mastery publishes Video Visions courses under a Video On Demand (VOD) agreement. Video Visions VODs are then made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network, multiplying their revenue potential.

  • Wumbus

    Wumbus develops and produces corporate training products and services, custom corporate productions, and product rentals. Focused on OSHA compliance and safety training, Wumbus strives to produce training solutions tailored to their customer’s needs.

    Mastery publishes Wumbus courseware in Advantage™ and Video On Demand formats, and helps them increase revenue potential by making their content available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Aurora Pictures

    Aurora Pictures produces and distributes video-based instructional, educational, training, and marketing materials. Aurora Pictures has produced award-winning programs for corporations and non-profits, as well as documentaries aired on PBS, Canadian and European television networks. They specialize in safety and human resources training programs.Mastery publishes Aurora’s courseware in both our Advantage™ and VOD formats, and makes content available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Cengage Learning

    Cengage Learning provides integrative learning solutions bridging library and classroom. They are a leader in supplying innovative teaching which promotes effective learning in professional development and academic excellence, as well as increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

    Mastery coordinated the instructional redesign and additional production and authoring of Delmar’s, a brand of Cengage Learning, courses published on the Mastery Advantage™ platform. Mastery makes their content available to a broader marketplace through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Crucible Safety Media, Inc.

    Crucible Safety Media, Inc. supplies both off-the-shelf and custom safety training for your organization’s particular needs, procedures and culture. Great results and effective training are simple when designed specifically for the hazards and environment your employees encounter. Crucible’s expertise is focused on construction, energy and industrial companies.

    Mastery publishes Crucible’s courses in the Video On Demand format and makes them available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Educational Resources, Inc. (Safety)

    ERI Safety Videos, formerly known as Educational Resources, provide not only great training videos but also exceptional customer service. ERI identifies the importance of portraying real workers in real workplace scenarios to exhibit safety issues employees should be aware of in their environment.

    Mastery publishes ERI’s courses in both Advantage™ and VOD formats, and helps to multiply revenue potential by making them available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Learning Communications, Inc.

    Learning Communications, Inc. produces training resources covering topics such as human resources, management, sales and safety training. Learning Communications also provides consulting and training services to their customers business, government, healthcare and other markets.

    Mastery has publishing relationships with Learning Communications for the Advantage™, Video On Demand, and Partner Select course formats. Learning Communications’ courses are also made available through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _LearnKey, Inc.

    Learnkey, Inc. is a global supplier of self-paced training solutions for corporate, education, government and personal users. With its roots in producing computer applications training, LearnKey upholds a mission to provide engaging, interactive and easy-to-use training videos for everyone.

    Mastery publishes LearnKey’s courses on the Partner Select platform and channels the training through the MasteryTCN™ Network.

  • _Vital Learning Corporation

    Vital Learning Corporation offers leadership, sales, customer service, and productivity training which are available for classroom or e-learning courses. Vital Learning’s courses are developed by highly-skilled management consultants and trainers in the management training and workforce development industry.

    Mastery has helped Vital extend the benefits of their unique management training to a much broader audience. Mastery has published Vital Learning courses on the Advantage™ platform.