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April 2019

New HR Compliance Training

This month we released six new titles covering different HR and employment laws organizations must be informed on. These courses break down the laws to make it easy for leaders and HR professionals to understand.

These topics are all critical to ensure you are protecting your employees’ rights and creating an ethical and compliant work environment.

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Performance Appraisal Training

Performance appraisals are commonly viewed as a perfunctory, mandatory managerial tasks with little overall effect on employee development. The truth however is, performance appraisals are the single most effective tool a manager can use to encourage performance improvement.

This month we released three new Video On Demand courses covering how to conduct successful and compliant performance appraisals. The first two titles, prepare a leader for the actual process of preparing for, conducting and following up on a performance appraisal. The third course details the legal implications related to employee feedback and how to execute an appraisal in a legal, yet effective, way.

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Ladder Safety Training

According to OSHA, falls are among the leading causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. In fact, falls from ladders account for 20% of all fatal and lost work-day injuries in general industry (OSHA Fact Sheet).

This month we released a new ladder safety course. This course, Ladder Safety, shows employees how to select, inspect, set up, climb, and work on ladders. The training is focused on safety practices to prevent accidents and injuries, however, it does walk learners through what to do in the case of a ladder accident.

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