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April 2021

12 Ways to Ruin an Online Meeting

We’ve all been in a virtual meeting gone wrong. Like in-person meetings, virtual meetings require some basic etiquette everyone should follow to get the most out of the meetings. This new training course, “12 Ways to Ruin an Online Meeting,” shows examples of how you can ruin a virtual meeting and provides guidance for hosting and attending successful virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings have now become an everyday standard for many companies and may continue to be so. Taking this course helps you become aware of how a virtual meeting gets ruined and how to keep them productive.

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California OSHA Training


This month we released five new online courses on topics employers must train employees on per California OSHA regulations.

Each course, presented in English and Spanish, explains the Cal/OSHA requirements, and demonstrates the safe work practices workers should utilize to prevent accidents and injuries. The new course titles include:


Stretching for Injury Prevention


There is nothing like poor ergonomics to derail work performance, productivity, and long-term muscle and joint health. This month we released a new course called “Stretching for Injury Prevention with Liz Navarrete.” There is also a concise version.

In this course Liz Navarrete, a physical therapist with over 14 years of experience who has worked with individuals recovering from work-related injuries, walks you through different stretching routines and the importance of keeping muscles and joints pliable. This course examines a variety of stretches and healthy habits to develop to keep us feeling limber, flexible, and injury-free.

Use this course to help employees learn the importance of good posture and body mechanics, and proper and safe stretching techniques to prevent injuries.

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