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August 2019

New White Paper - An Explainer on Sexual Harassment Laws in the U.S.

State and federal laws require organizations to train employees on harassment. While meeting government-mandated minimum requirements is the baseline for sexual harassment prevention, true success means delivering training content that changes attitudes and dynamics, creating a positive workplace culture where employees feel comfortable.

Check out this new whitepaper to learn how to comply with the law, prevent harassment and discrimination and create a positive workplace culture that yields success.

New Training on Building a Culture of Safety

The "back to school" season is upon us – this can be a great time for everyone to reset and refresh their attitudes! Energize your staff to re-commit to safety in the workplace with training on building a safety culture with this new course, “Building a Lasting Culture of Safety.”

This new safety training, with video produced by The Jeff Havens Company, uses humor to help employees gain an appreciation for safety in the workplace. Creating a safe working environment may not be a laughing matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh while we talk about it.

Use this new course to help build a lasting culture of safety at your workplace.

Training on Legal E-mail and Messaging at Work

One bad choice regarding a sent email or text message can end an employee’s career and put the employee and the company in legal trouble. This month we released a new title on a unique topic, “Legal E-Mail and Text Messaging at Work.”

This new course, originally produced by Training ABC, teaches employees about the legal implications related to inappropriate texting and emails. Issues can be related to defamation, confidential information, insider trading, cyber security, copyrighted information and more.

Use this course to teach everyone how to remain compliant with all written communication at work.

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