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December 2019

Happy New Year

We hope you have had a happy holiday season, and we wish you and your families a happy 2020!.

Our office will be closed on Wednesday, January 1st in observance of the holiday. We will be back on January 2nd, ready to help you kickstart your 2020 training plans!

Business Power Skills

This past month we have released six new titles, originally produced by TalentQuest, covering Business Power Skills. These courses provide leaders with a quick primer on some critical topics. All of the courses feature HD video and take around 10 minutes to complete.

The Business Power Skills series includes the following titles:

The learn more about these titles, click here.

Equipment Safety Essentials

In the matter of a moment, a person’s day can go from great to awful because of an accident or injury caused from carelessly or improperly using an everyday piece of equipment. Designed to make sure employees don’t have a bad day, our new course, Equipment Safety Essentials, teaches employees how to be safe while using common equipment most people encounter on a regular basis.

This course, produced by The Jeff Havens company, uses the approach of “serious solutions, seriously funny.” In a humorous but informative manner, this course shows employees how to properly carry, ascend, and descend a ladder, how to use a two-wheeled cart, a fire extinguisher, and common power tools, while also illustrating the dangers of distracted driving.

Learn more about this course here.

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