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February 2019

Sexual Harassment Prevention in New York

The state of New York and New York City offer additional protections, beyond those provided in federal law, to employees when it comes to preventing sexual harassment. To help employers ensure they are compliant with state and federal laws, we have released two new titles on sexual harassment prevention in New York.

The two new video-based courses, originally produced by TrainingABC, include:

According to recently updated regulations, all employees in the state of New York must be trained on sexual harassment prevention by October 9, 2019. From that point on, all employees must be trained annually. These courses have been designed to cover the laws and the material suggested in New York’s model training program and can be used to comply with the training portion of the law.

For a list of all our courses on harassment prevention, click here.

April Webinar - Getting the Most Out Of Training at 9 Moments of Learning Opportunity

Join us on Thursday, April 18 for a new webinar to help you get the most out of your training at 9 moments of learning opportunity! Anne Demeter, an Instructional Designer at TorranceLearning, will be leading the session how on to use off-the-shelf courseware as part of your larger training strategy.

In this session you will learn how to:

    • Identify 9 moments of learning opportunity
    • Select content to meet each moment
    • Define and use criteria to select which moment to focus on
    • Support your training needs with specific online training options

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Creating a Positive Healthcare Mindset

When employees are asked to comply with new policies, most often they initially interpret the directive as requiring them to conform or submit. This prompts an almost instinctual reflex to resist. This dynamic often comes into play in the workplace, especially in the continuously-changing healthcare industry.

This month we released a new series for healthcare professionals on creating a positive healthcare mindset. The new series includes the following courses:

Use this series to empower your team to shift their mindset so they perceive and respond to changes in workplace dynamics, policies, updates, and trends as positive opportunities to affect positive outcomes.

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