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January 2019

Best of Elearning 2018 Award of Excellence

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped us win a Best of Elearning Award of Excellence for the fourth year in a row!

Mastery Training Services has been presented with the Award of Excellence for Content Aggregator Portal. Learning executives and professionals worldwide vote for their favorite e-learning solutions, and Elearning! magazine recognizes the top 73 solutions across 23 categories.

To read the full press release on the award, click here.

Cyber Security & GDPR Training

This month we released two series related to data processing, data security and cyber security. Both series are originally produced by Sonic Performance Support.

The first series is on cyber security. All organizations are at risk for cyber-attacks, and luckily there are best practices employees can follow to help prevent these attacks. This series of courses prepares employees to protect themselves and their organizations. The courses inlcude:

The second series on the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, details the regulation, which went into effect this past May, and requires any organization operating in the European Union (EU) or any organization serving residents of the EU to follow strict data processing and storing standards. The courses in the GDPR series include:

Preventing Workplace Discrimination

This month we released two new courses to help prevent workplace discrimination. There is one course for employees and another for managers and supervisors. Everyone has a role in preventing discrimination and reacting to it, should it occur. These courses define what constitutes discrimination and demonstrates what employees and leaders should do to prevent discrimination. Best practices for handling discrimination and reporting it are also included.

The new titles are:

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