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March 2019

Work Teams and the Wizard of Oz Microlearning

This month we released three new microlearning courses derived from the “Work Teams and The Wizard of Oz” Video On Demand course. The microlearning courses help leaders set goals with their teams, appreciate and benefit from the different perspectives and skills of team members, and empower their team members to reach their goals.

These microlearning lessons are great tools to help reinforce the lessons learned in the full-length course. They also can be used as stand-alone lessons, as each microlearning provides a short video clip based on a single learning outcome.

For a full list of all microlearning courses available, click here.

New Supported Scaffolding Safety Training

OSHA estimates 2.3 million construction workers utilize scaffolds. The BLS reports 60 deaths every year and 4,500 injuries from scaffold-related accidents. These statistics demonstrate the importance of safety training for anyone who works with or around scaffolding. This month we released a new course on supported scaffolding safety, “Supported Scaffolding Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments.”

This new course, originally produced by Marcom, shows employees the best practices for using supported scaffolding safely. This training explores how to correctly build the foundation and platforms that make up a safe scaffold. This video demonstrates how to properly access a scaffold. Employees are shown specifics on fall protection, including how to safely use Personal Fall Arrest systems and how to mitigate the risk of falling objects.

For more information on this scaffolding safety training, click here.

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New Cyber Security Training

The damage of a successful cyberattack can be catastrophic. Money, time, productivity, reputation, brand identity and investor confidence are just a few of the negative consequences of a breach. This month we released a new Video On Demand course, “Cyber Security for Employees,” to highlight the importance of protecting data and show what an employee’s role is in data protection.

This new course, originally produced by TrainingABC, demonstrates the different risks for a data breach, and gives best practices for employees to avoid being the weak link in the organization’s network. Human error is often the cause of most data breaches, and this course prepares employees with best practices for sharing information and using their computers and other devices.

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