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May 2019

New Premium Support Services

This month we officially launched three new Premium Support Service packages to help increase the success of your training initiative. We compiled the “make it or break it” best practices into packages to offer a cost-effective way for you to get the results you’re looking for without the extra work.

There are three levels of services available; bronze, silver and gold. The services included in each of the three packages vary, and include activities such as administrator orientations, curricula setup and maintenance, library maintenance, administrative reports, email notifications, and learner maintenance.

    These fee-based services are being offered on top of the basic-level of support to help offload some of the administrative tasks we can efficiently and reliably perform, while delivering the greatest impact to a client’s success.

    The Premium Support Service packages have been priced to be economical for you to include with existing training costs.

    For a quote for your organization, contact your account executive directly or call us at 800-258-3837.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers in California

This month we released a 4-part course for managers and supervisors in California to comply with the state’s sexual harassment training requirements. These courses help California employers comply with the AB1825 law.

All four parts of the course must be completed to satisfy the 2-hour training required for managers and supervisors.

The four parts include:

Click here for a list of all courses related to harassment prevention.

Safe Driving

40% of all work-related deaths result from motor vehicle crashes. An even larger percentage of all injuries resulting in time away from work can also be attributed to car accidents. To help ensure your employees don’t become another statistic we have released a new course on safe driving.

The new course, “3 Keys To Safe Driving: Prepare, Anticipate & Defend,” demonstrates safe driving techniques for employees to protect themselves from the hazards of the road.

For a complete list of all courses on driving, click here.

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