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May 2022

Aerial and Scissor Lift Training

Working with or around aerial lifts is dangerous business and contributes to a number of accidents and fatalities every year. This month we released two new courses specific to aerial lift safety. The new titles include:

Additionally, this month we released a course on scissor lift safety, “Scissor Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments.” In 2020, ANSI made some revisions to their current Standard for “Mobile Elevating Work Platforms” (MEWPS) which includes scissor lifts. This course spotlights each of the three significant changes to ANSI standards for scissor lifts. This course also demonstrates the 2 types of inspections that must be performed before using a scissor lift, and how to recognize and mitigate related hazards.

For a full list of courses related to lifts, click here.

Project Management Training

All employers want their projects to be effective, run smoothly and within budget restraints. Train your project managers or anyone taking on the task to help ensure success. This month we released three new courses on project management. The new titles include:

For a full list of courses on project management, click here.

More 1-Minute Microlearning

This month we released 67 new microlearning courses covering a range of topics, from conflict resolution, communication, and leadership to sales and customer service. Each course contains a video around one minute in length, and an accompanying downloadable summary document.

These microlearning courses are a great option for refresher training or conversation starters. For a full list of available 1-minute microlearning courses, click here.

If you want to browse all microlearning options, click here.

For more details on how you might use microlearning, check out this e-book.

This Month's News:

Aerial and Scissor Lift Training

Project Management Training

More 1-Minute Microlearning

New Courses 


Aerial Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments: Working With And Around A Lift

Aerial Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments: Types Of Lifts And Their Hazards

Scissor Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments

Project Scheduling And Budgeting

Role Of The Project Manager

Project Management Lifecycle

Office Ergonomics (Now w/ Spanish!)

Office Safety (Now w/ Spanish!)

Office Ergonomics (Now w/ Spanish!)





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