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November 2021

Industrial Hygiene

Potential air contaminants, ergonomic hazards, and physical hazards are abundant in many work environments. This new course, Introduction to Industrial Hygiene, teaches employees about Industrial Hygiene and how an Industrial Hygienist helps protect employees’ health and safety.

Each section in this course covers important information in the following topic areas: worksite analysis, air contaminants, chemical and biological hazards, physical hazards, and ergonomic hazards. Physical hazards discussed include noise, vibrations, light, temperature, heat, and radiation.

For more information on this course, click here.

Communication Skills

This month we released several new courses related to interpersonal and communication skills. These courses present ideas in a concise manner and offer questions to reflect and discuss.

Some of the new titles include:

For a full list of courses related to communication, click here.

Customer Service and Sales Training

This month we have some new training for sales and customer service professionals. These short courses provide insights and best practices on specific sales and customer service skills. These courses are all around 10 minutes or less and include reflection questions instead of an assessment.

The new courses include:

For all courses related to sales, click here.

For courses related to customer service, click here.

This Month's News:

Industrial Hygiene

Communication Skills

Customer Service and Sales Training

New Courses 


Giving And Receiving Feedback

Giving Instructions

Influencing Skills

Negotiation Skills

Problem Solving

Questioning Skills

Taking Initiative

Managing Stress

COVID-19 in Healthcare Environments (OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard)

Introduction To Industrial Hygiene

Electrical Safety Related Work Practices and the 2021 CSA Z462 For Supervisors and Managers

Being Productive

Listening Skills

Presentation Skills

Thinking On Your Feet

Working With Other Departments

Answering The Telephone

Creativity And Innovation

Closing The Sale

Communication Skills

Complaint Handling

Electrical Safety Related Work Practices And The 2021 NFPA 70E For Supervisors And Managers (Now w/ Spanish)

Electrical Safety Related Work Practices And The 2021 NFPA 70E For Electrical Workers (Now w/ Spanish)

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Made Simple (Now w/ Spanish)





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