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October 2018

Forklift Operation Certification

This month we released a four-part series on forklift operator certification. These courses, originally produced by ERI Safety Videos, are designed to help certify operators while ensuring trainees learn proper safe work practices to prevent injuries and property damage.

To certify employees in forklift operation, facilities must give employees formal and practical training before conducting a workplace evaluation. This series helps you provide the formal operation and safety training component to all forklift operators.

The four-part series includes the following titles:

Future Focused Leadership

This month we released a new leadership course called, Future Focused Leadership. This course, presented by Laura Goodrich of GWT Next, helps leaders apply a forward-thinking approach to organizational changes and challenges.

The course uses several real-life stories of how people fail and succeed to adapt to change, depending on their mindset. Help your leaders see the benefit of maintaining a future-focused mindset with this new course.

Check out all our leadership training options, here.

New Safety Training for Welding

We released two new safety training courses this month, produced by To The Point Communications, Inc., for those involved in hot work and welding.

Hot Work and Welding Safety explained the safe work practices everyone involved in hot work operations should follow. The course demonstrates the proper use of PPE, the requirements of designated and non-designated hot work areas, and other general safety tips to keep those conducting hot work and those around them safe.

The Safe Use Of Compressed Gas Cylinders shows workers how to safely work with compressed gas cylinders. This course covers PPE, labels and safety data sheets, transporting cylinders, proper hook up of cylinders, leaks, cylinder storage, and more.

See the full list of courses related to welding, here.

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