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October 2021

Pandemic Fatigue

As we have all navigated the pandemic over these past 20 months, burnout and pandemic fatigue have set in among people all over the world. This month we released a new course, “Pandemic Fatigue.” Opening with a detailed description of pandemic fatigue’s origin and symptoms, this insightful course teaches employees how to recognize, cope with, and overcome this world-wide syndrome.

Along with “Pandemic Fatigue,” we have also released several other related titles to help keep your employees focused on their mental health. These titles include:

For a full list of courses related to working during the pandemic, click here.

Harassment & Retaliation

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure every employee is working in a safe, comfortable, respectful workplace free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation for reporting a claim. Unfortunately, retaliation is the most common type of complaint submitted to the EEOC.

This month we released a new course, “Retaliation: It’s Illegal.” By first defining retaliation and stressing how it is illegal and not tolerated in any workplace, this course provides common examples of employees’ legally protected harassment, discrimination, and retaliation rights, even if a complaint is without merit. With a focus on practical advice for managers and supervisors, this course shines light on the causes, implications, and consequences of workplace retaliation.

For a full list of courses related to harassment, click here.

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Abusive customers are an unpleasant reality in many workplaces. This month we released a new customer service training course on dealing with abusive customers. “Abusive Customers” shows viewers examples of verbal and non-verbal abuse. This training then explores how to appropriately respond to abusive customers. This course educates customer-facing employees about safely and effectively dealing with abusive customers.

We also released a course for coping with emotional clients and coworkers. “Emotional Clients And Colleagues” educates viewers about behaviors related to emotional trauma. This video explores ways to help manage our own feelings when working with clients and colleagues who are dealing with emotional trauma.

Click here, for all courses on customer service.

This Month's News:

Pandemic Fatigue

Harassment & Retaliation

Dealing with Difficult Clients

New Courses 


Pandemic Fatigue

Retaliation: It's Illegal


Dealing With Change

Health And Wellness


Working From Home

Abusive Customers

Being Assertive

Emotional Clients And Colleagues

Cultural Awareness

Electrocution Hazards Part I: Worksite Safety (Now w/ Spanish)

Electrocution Hazards Part II: Employer Responsibilities (Now w/ Spanish)





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