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September 2018

Behavioral Based Interviewing Training

It is easy for interviewers to fall in the trap of asking questions related to likes/dislikes or biographical information, instead of asking questions that really get at a person’s level of skill for the job in question. This series of courses helps interviewers learn and apply the behavioral based interviewing approach to evaluating candidates.

The four courses in the series include:

New First Aid Training

When an accident or medical emergency occurs at work it is up to one’s co-workers to act as first responders until medical professionals arrive on the scene. Everyone should be trained on basic first aid, and how to recognize common injuries and illnesses.

This month we released two new courses on the subject, First Aid and First Aid in Construction Environments.

Both courses teach basic first aid regarding eye injuries, cuts, burns, abrasions, strains, sprains, fractures, heart attacks and cardiac arrest, choking, and heat-related illnesses. Make sure your employees know what do to and what not to do when a medical emergency arises.

New Silica Safety Course

When cutting or grinding occurs, crystalline silica becomes a dust, also known as respirable crystalline silica, which poses a health threat to anyone who breathes it. The new course, Silica Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments, spotlights the guidelines in OSHA’s Silica Standard.

Make sure any employees exposed to silica dust are trained to protect themselves and those around them from an exposure. .

Learn more about this new course here.

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