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Why are we looking for partners?

Our growing customer-base is hungry for more content. We are proud of the scope of our workplace training and want to meet more of our customers’ growing demands.

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What can we do for you?

  • Merchandising

    We provide professional merchandising services, giving your products access to extended specialty markets.

    • Have your content competitively positioned with comparable products in our catalogs.
    • Your products will be featured on multiple web sites segmented by key customer interests.
    • Choose to power your web site’s e-commerce with our cloud-based MasteryNet™ merchandising and services infrastructure.
    • We create product pages with sufficient information to make customers confident in their decision to purchase your course.
    • Your products are supported on our sites by marketing efforts, such as advertising and public relations.
  • Digital Rights Administration

    We’ll protect your property and revenues, and provide detailed insight into our sales.

    • We shoulder the burden of protecting access to your content, administering all sales, royalty accounting, and payments.
    • We also provide the delivery, installation and technical support services for your courses on customers’ self-hosted Learning Management Systems.
    • Our monthly detailed royalty reports provide invoice line item detail including revenue and licensing type. This provides excellent data for your business analytics.
    • Our agreements permit you to audit our records, allowing you to validate our handling of your content and protection of your rights.
  • Customer Support

    Our comprehensive customer service drives customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

    • We ensure a high-level of repeat business by providing pro-active customer technical support.
    • Our knowledgeable employees can assist customers with routine customer support.
    • If you use our MasteryNet™ merchandising and services, our technical support team stands ready to back up your customer service team.
    • If you use our cloud-based services we can also provide advice on technology-related business issues when consulted.
  • Hosting and Delivery

    We keep our customers connected, videos running smoothly and learning sessions uninterrupted.

    • Our servers are on NTT America’s global network utilizing NTT’s full-service enterprise hosting and cloud services.
    • Qualified content partners can take advantage of their own MasteryNet™ cloud-based hosting environment, running on the same world-class global network and operated by Mastery.
    • We ensure a secure and reliable connection with our high-performing, scalable, cloud-based systems and infrastructure.
    • Our servers are backed up, monitored and maintained around the clock for security, reliability, and recoverability.