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lockout tagout and machine guarding

Control hazardous energy with lockout and tagout procedures

The BLS estimates in 2010 there were over three million nonfatal industrial accidents in the U.S. When working with machinery it is critical to use safe work practices, correct personal protective equipment and machine guards to prevent accidents from happening. Use these training courses to help keep the workplace injury-free by using the safe processes for operating, repairing and maintaining machinery.

These training courses thoroughly cover machine safeguarding by teaching employees and management the importance of using machine safeguards, including the basics of machine safety, such as how to identify which moving parts present a hazard, signs a machine is about to breakdown and how to select proper PPE. Courses also cover lock out and tag out procedures, as required by OSHA, to prevent accidents from occurring at commercial and industrial worksites. By using these training courses, employees gain a better understanding of the purpose of lock out and tag out and machine guarding procedures, which helps create a safer workplace and reduces the chance of machinery-related injuries.

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