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Leadership Capsules: The Leader as Mentor

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Helping others learn how to succeed in their careers is the job of a mentor. Mentor-mentee relationships can be formal or informal, but the goal is to provide the benefit of experience and insight to the junior partner in the relationship. Individuals can learn a tremendous amount about how to succeed in their organizations by identifying and working with a mentor. This video discusses the role of the mentor, the skills necessary to be a good mentor and how to effectively be in service to the junior person. These qualities include being a good coach, communicator, diagnostician, confidant, and teacher who values the self-worth of others. The training video explores how to establish a mentor-mentee relationship and recognize when the relationship has run its course.

The purpose of a mentoring program is to build leadership capability within an organization. These relationships help both parties grow and enhance their insights, and improve the organization at the same time. This video helps those wishing to learn about mentorship relationships to better understand their roles and how to move forward in the relationship.

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Prospective mentors and junior staff members seeking a mentor

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Mentoring In The 21st Century Organization
  • What Does A Mentor Do?
  • Effective Mentoring
  • Beginnings And Endings
  • The Leader As A Mentor

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