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Case Study: Renewable Concepts, Inc.

The story

Mastery Technologies has spent more than 30 years helping businesses around the country train new and existing workers to adhere to exacting safety standards, exceed professional expectations and succeed in their careers. Mastery takes particular satisfaction in helping companies meet needs that are unique to their particular industry or business model, as in the case of Renewable Concepts, Inc. (RCI).

RCI is an innovative solutions provider for the power generation industry, employing skilled technicians who live across various states and regularly travel to remote job sites around the country. Coordinating a training program for such a geographically diverse team was a major pain point for RCI managers. Before partnering with Mastery Technologies, technicians received PDF text booklets and tests via email, which they were then required to print, complete, scan and return for company review. This process proved tedious and inefficient, and in certain cases even untenable, as some RCI work sites are in rural areas without access to the necessary office equipment. Additionally, RCI lacked control over the administration of compliance testing, and therefore had no way to ensure such exams were being completed properly.

As an alternative, technicians sometimes traveled through the RCI main office en route to their work sites, stopping to complete training requirements in-house. However, this was also inefficient and hardly cost-effective.

The solution

As a company focused on maintaining uncompromising safety standards, RCI executives knew they needed a way to streamline internal training procedures. Additionally, were technicians not up-to-date on clients’ stringent and evolving safety requirements, major contracts could have been lost. As a result, RCI enrolled 20 of its technicians in a Mastery Technologies training program on a trial basis, ultimately deciding to partner with Mastery full-time. Today Mastery handles RCI’s entire employee training, allowing the company to efficiently and painlessly administer comprehensive digital education and testing to dozens of workers around the country, complete with detailed record-keeping for easy administrative documentation.

When RCI first partnered with Mastery Technologies, the company initially decided to work off of a Windows-based operating system. However, they recently transitioned to using Mastery’s Video On Demand courseware platform, a mobile training platform that functions seamlessly across all operating systems. This allows technicians to use the training resources on any computer and even on the road and in the field, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. RCI reports the transition from platform to platform was smooth and has given technicians increased and improved access to the necessary training media.