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Case Study: Renewable Concepts, Inc.
Mastery Technologies has spent more than 30 years helping businesses around the country train new and existing workers to adhere to exacting safety standards, exceed professional expectations and succeed in their careers. Mastery takes particular satisfaction in helping companies meet needs that are unique to their particular industry or business model, as in the case of Renewable Concepts, Inc. (RCI).
How Training Content Networks Make It Easier to Manage Your Training Program
Compared to classroom training and seminars, e-learning has opened up a broad selection of content for training managers to offer employees. Purchasing content from multiple content providers can create issues for an organization. Training managers have to maintain multiple vendor relationships, while dealing with the consequences of frustrated users and IT staff. Having to seek out content for all training requirements from multiple content providers can be time-consuming, and even more so when you have to ensure all of the content being purchased meets the technical specifications of your organization\'s equipment. As an antidote to these issues, several companies in the e-learning industry have emerged as Training Content Networks.
Embrace the Power of Mobile E-Learning Now
As the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs increases, and the Millennial generation continues flooding the workforce, the need for mobile-friendly training is at an all-time high. In fact, in an article from Business 2 Community, Tom Pick notes in 2013 there were over \"143 million smartphones in use in the U.S., and 71 million tablets.\" In another recent article, \"The Top Trends in Mobile Learning for 2014\" from it is reported that 66% of surveyed office workers expect to be allowed to use any device at work. It is undeniable employees expect to be able to work from a tablet or smartphone, so why should training be any different?
Training and the Millennial Generation
If you haven\'t noticed, the workforce is increasingly growing with people of the millennial generation. People like me, that\'s right, I\'m a millennial. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, millennials represent 36% of the U.S. workforce and will represent 75% by the year 2025. There are countless news stories out there focusing on our values, our work ethic and our knowledge of technology. While defining a generation is important, the workforce needs to stop focusing on our differences and instead embrace and adapt to our unique characteristics. Millennials are entering the workforce with formal education, but lacking the know-how of the business world. Workplace training is one of the tools employers can use to bridge the gap.
Case Study: Easy Access, Easy Coordination and Convenient Training
Implementing training programs in the workplace often presents as a daunting task. Even once the training program is in place, the management and supervision of training assignments and completions can be tedious. When an organization expands and employee responsibilities increase, the importance of an efficient and effective training resource quickly becomes obvious. Learn how REMETRONIX has utilized online training to improve the effectiveness of their organization.
Case Study: Tampa Area JATC Electrifies Program with Online Training
The Tampa Area JATC implemented has implemented blended learning allowing students to take online training programs as homework, giving students more time in classroom sessions for hands-on instruction and coaching. They have demonstrated they can meet OSHA and MSHA standards with online training, while preparing their students for the practical training they receive during lab time.
Case Study: E-Learning and "Around the Clock" Training
It might seem as though e-learning is best suited for companies who depend on the most advanced technology. You might expect a software company to employ the use of e-learning. The fact is, e-learning can provide training solutions for all types of organizations. Transystems, a trucking company, utilizes e-learning to maintain a well-trained and safe workforce.
Case Study: Cowboys and E-Learning
When it comes to cowboys and cattle feed yards, most people wouldn\'t think about the implementation of training via e-learning. Cactus Feeders utilizes Mastery Technologies\' online Learning Management System and courseware to provide safety training to over 400 workers. Their online safety training program helps them meet OSHA requirements and fulfill specialty training. Beyond compliance and safety training, Cactus Feeders provides custom employee orientation programs with the MasteryNet™ Learning Management System.

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