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Stressful Workplace Relationships

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Have you ever felt frustrated or angry with a co-worker? Stressful workplace relationships take a toll on your work performance and home life, leaving you feeling frustrated and stressed out. This online training video features authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster presenting their advice for avoiding and coping with emotional traps at work.

Three examples demonstrate how these relationships can occur in any work environment. Crowley and Elster suggest four strategies for becoming "unhooked" from stressful relationships at work. The four steps include using physical and mental coping strategies, such as exercise and thinking the problem through, to release negative emotions. Steps three and four involve taking action by talking about the problem and documenting the agreed upon solution.

Being in an emotionally distressing relationship at work can lead to physical and emotional symptoms, even unhealthy coping strategies. Learn how to avoid stressful workplace relationships by practicing the communication and coping skills presented in this Video On Demand training.

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Anyone dealing with stressful workplace relationships

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Being 'Hooked'
  • Boundary Busters
  • Confining Roles and Toxic Relationships
  • Unhook Physically
  • Unhook Mentally
  • Unhook Verbally
  • Unhook With A Business Tool
  • Expect To Be Tested
  • Conclusion

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