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stress management and coping with stress

Stop stress in its tracks with training

Everyone encounters stress throughout the day; whether at work, on the news, at home, or in many other situations. And though the human body can cope with minimal signs of stress, when stress overwhelms the senses it becomes a problem. Stress can make you angry or depressed, and it can lead to emotional eating, high blood pressure and heart disease. Learning and understanding proper mechanisms to cope with stress is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform well at work.

Stress affects us all differently; headaches, insomnia, forgetfulness, depression, back pain and irritability are all signs of stress. These stress management courses use easy to understand examples and instructions, showing viewers how to minimize the damage of stress and make personal adjustments to their lifestyle. Courses help to identify what causes stress, steps to eliminating stress, rethinking stress, coping with stress and seeking support. Course topics range from managing stress, recognizing stress, dealing with emotional eating, and more.

Course Listing by Topic: Conflict: Stress Management

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