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Handling A Sexual Harassment Investigation

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Sexual conduct in the workplace is always inappropriate, but when it is unwelcomed or threatening, it becomes illegal. Sexual harassment can be devastating for its victims, and it can damage the workplace by creating a hostile work environment. To protect its employees and prevent potentially significant legal fees, a company must be able to recognize, investigate, and remediate claims of sexual harassment. This course shows those involved in investigations what constitutes sexual harassment, the policies your company can implement to address sexual harassment, as well as how you should investigate claims should they arise.

To be able to investigate and resolve claims of sexual harassment, you must first know what sexual harassment is, so this course starts by providing examples of sexual harassment. Harassment can take the form of physical touching, comments, images, and obscene gestures, among other examples. When a company receives a claim of sexual harassment, it has an obligation to thoroughly investigate it. Doing nothing exposes the company to liability and worsens the work environment for both the victim, as well as his or her coworkers. The company must gather the facts and act in a timely manner and resolve the situation appropriately, which may include immediate termination depending on the severity of the harassment.

All companies should have an anti-harassment policy in place, but merely having a policy will not prevent sexual harassment from occurring. Therefore, it is important for leaders to know what to do once a harassment complaint is received. Utilize the information presented in this training video and learn how to recognize, investigate, and resolve claims of sexual harassment.

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All leaders or managers who have to investigate a sexual harassment incident

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
  • Company Policy And Preventing Harassment
  • Conducting An Ethical Investigation
  • Beginning An Investigation
  • Gathering The Facts
  • Resolving The Situation
  • Conclusion

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