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MRSA and Staph Infection: Prevention for Business and Industry

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While some forms of bacteria are necessary for your body’s daily functioning, others can take a serious toll on your health. Staphylococcus, commonly known as “Staph,” is a bacterium that thrives in confined areas like hospitals, prisons, athletic facilities, offices and industrial locations. Antibiotics can treat most strains, but the MRSA variety, also known as the Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus superbug, is resistant to the beta-lactam family of drugs. The bacteria’s swiftness once present in the bloodstream poses the danger of debilitating illness, appendage amputation and even death.

This training video emphasizes prevention as the best cure for MRSA. This aligns with OSHA’s Safety and Health Management System entry, which specifically asserts good personal and hand hygiene among employees, such as avoiding contact with other people’s wounds or bandages, can reduce the risk of a MRSA outbreak. Through reenactments, this program illustrates disease symptoms, as well as proper first aid and housekeeping techniques.

When alerted to a coworker’s Staph infection, do not overreact. Inspect your workspace to ensure cleanliness, especially those areas frequented by your sick colleague. This training prepares your employees to recognize infections, and follow personal hygiene and first aid procedures to prevent infections. Use the techniques modeled in this video to prevent MRSA & Staph from infecting your workplace.

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All workers.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction To MRSA, Staph and Infection Prevention
  • Recognizing and Treating MRSA and Other Infections
  • Prevention Through Personal Hygiene and First Aid
  • Prevention Through Good Housekeeping
  • Preventing an Outbreak
  • Conclusion

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