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Creating A Positive Compliance Mindset Part 4: Making It Happen

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Creating a positive compliance mindset is not a quick and easy process. It involves hard work, perseverance, and a change in your way of thinking. In the first three parts of this four-part series, employees learned about becoming aware, recognizing fears, and responding positively regarding the need for change. In this final part, compliance professionals are shown how to implement that change or how to “make it happen.”

Did you know 70% of people in any group are agreeable to change? That may seem like a high percentage, but it naturally means 30% are opposed to change. They may simply fear change or view it as something that would be an unsuccessful endeavor. This course shows you how to call on the 70% when you want to implement change. The lessons in this part show employees how to utilize “I Want” statements to help overcome our natural tendencies to focus on the things we don’t want. With these actions, it is easier to cross the bridge, embrace change, and create a positive compliance mindset.

When you create a change adaptive environment, you create a place where employees love to come to work. In the past, employees may have seen change as something to fear, but with the new mindset gained over the course of this series, employees will know how to deal with change, thrive, and help create a better workplace culture.

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Compliance professionals

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • A Shift In Mindset
  • I Want Statements
  • Microlearning 4a
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • The Bridge
  • Microlearning 4b
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • The 70 Percent
  • Microlearning 4c
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Understanding The Dynamics
  • Microlearning 4d
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • The Ambassadors
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • The Professional Wheel Revisited
  • Microlearning 4e
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Reaching Critical Mass
  • Self Reflection Questions

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