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Creating A Positive Healthcare Mindset Part 2: Recognizing Fears

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Our natural reaction to stressful or disruptive situations is to focus on what we want to avoid and what we fear. In the healthcare workplace this shows up most profoundly when an employee is facing a new task, policy, or assignment. Building upon part one’s emphasis on awareness of negative thinking habits, this course, part two of this four-part series, shows healthcare professionals how to recognize their fear-based reactions and how to shift them into positive, productive responses.

Based on the concept of “intentional focus,” this course enables learners to creatively visualize each project or task in advance. Through this process, learners experience the benefits of altering their focus away from what can go wrong to what would be ideal.

Present this course to enable team members to recognize what they fear when confronted with a new assignment and how to consciously change their negative reactions into positive ones by creatively visualizing, then realizing, the best possible outcomes.

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Corporate Healthcare managers and team leaders

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • A Shift In Mindset
  • Your Reaction
  • Microlearning 2a
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Recognizing Your Fears
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Back To Ted
  • Microlearning 2b
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Putting It All Together
  • Microlearning 2c
  • Self Reflection Questions

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