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Networking Essentials: Active Directory

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Active Directory (AD) is the directory service for Windows operating systems. AD is a repository of information, including user accounts, group accounts, and more. Within the Active Directory forest are numerous domains which play host to user accounts, group accounts and others. In short, a domain is like a security boundary holding information. This course provides an overview of the intricacies of Active Directory to get any network administrator started working with it.

This training lesson explains many key components of Active Directory, including the functionality of domains and the forest, main Active Directory administration tools, file servers, group policy, creating user accounts, and more.

Understanding Active Directory is key for maintaining a proper network. Use this training to prepare employees to work with Active Directory.

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Network administrators

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What is Active Directory?
  • Functions of Domain and Forest in AD
  • Concepts of Users, Groups, OU's
  • Main AD Admin Tools
  • Creating User Accounts in AD
  • Creating OU's in AD
  • AD Group Types and Scopes
  • Using Group Policy
  • File Servers in AD
  • File and Share Management in AD
  • AD, Logon, Group Policy, Group Membership in Operation
  • Summary

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