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Department of Labor Training

Department of Labor - Compliance Training

These courses cover topics related to DOL compliance - such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and Compensation Management.

Course Listing by Topic: Compliance: DOL

Title Product ID Individual Price
A Manager's Guide to Surviving the Slings & Arrows (Legal & Behavioral Challenges of Management) qmrimgts_vod Buy $19.95
EEO Made Simple tabceeos_vod Buy $19.95
Ethics - Corporate tjhcethi_vod Buy $19.95
FMLA in a Nutshell atsmfmla_vod Buy $19.95
FMLA: Everything You Need To Know tabcfmla_vod Buy $19.95
Gender Identity Harassment In The Workplace tabcgihi_vod Buy $19.95
Introduction to OSHA marcitos_vod Buy $19.95
Legal Social Media at Work for Employees tabclsme_vod Buy $19.95
Legal Social Media at Work for Managers tabclsmm_vod Buy $19.95
OSHA Construction: Introduction to OSHA oshcintro_vod Buy $14.95
OSHA General Industry: Introduction to OSHA oshaintro_vod Buy $14.95
OSHA General Industry: Safety and Health Programs oshashpr_vod Buy $14.95
OSHA Recordkeeping For Employees marcrece2_vod Buy $19.95
OSHA Recordkeeping For Managers And Supervisors marcorms2_vod Buy $19.95
Strategic Planning and the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) crmlgpra_vod Buy $29.95
The Equal Pay Act Made Simple tabcepam_vod Buy $19.95
Total Rewards: Discussing Individual Performance and Rewards and Compensation vado645m_act Buy $4.95
Total Rewards: Discussing Salary Based on an Employee's Position vado650m_act Buy $4.95
Turnover: Evaluate Each Employee's Salary Compared to the Market Range vado925m_act Buy $4.95
Wage And Hour Compliance (FLSA) Made Simple tabcwhcs_vod Buy $19.95
Worker's Compensation Management clmiwcma_vod Buy $19.95