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Construction Fall Protection: We All Win

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Fall protection is a major concern at all construction jobsites, namely because falls are the number one cause of death in the industry. However, falls are preventable, especially if you utilize the proper technology and training. Of course, for this to happen, you must be aware of the different ways you can fall at work, as well as the systems to prevent them. Learn how to properly protect yourself from falls on the jobsite with this online training.

When you think of a fall, you probably think of stepping off some elevated platform and falling to the ground. While you would not be wrong, there are other ways you can be injured in a fall. One such way is via a collapse, where a structure supporting a floor or other working surface fails. Another way is if you fall through a surface, namely by walking on something not meant to take your weight, you may think a surface appears solid when that is in fact not the case. Learn about the other ways you can be injured in a fall in this course. This video helps you to identify, and ultimately avoid, potential dangers at your jobsite.

Of course, minimizing the risk of injury also involves some form of fall prevention system. The general rule is if you can fall six feet or more, some fall prevention method must be used. Examples include an active fall arrest system (of which there are several kinds), and guardrails with barriers, among others. When you utilize these systems, along with your knowledge on the dangers of falling on the jobsite, you are in the best position to avoid serious injury or death from a fall. Utilize the information presented in this course to help ensure your safety while working at heights.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction to Fall Protection
  • Fall Prevention Systems
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Using Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Rescue and Summary

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