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HAZWOPER: Monitoring Procedures and Equipment

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Learning how to monitor contaminants in the environment where hazardous materials are present helps workers prevent hazardous waste contamination. If you ignore the hazards of working in such environments, you can easily expose your co-workers and family to the dangers of hazardous materials. This Video On Demand explains methods of monitoring the immediate presence of airborne vapors, gases and dusts, as well as water and soil pollutants over time. Knowing what types of hazardous materials are present allows workers to select the proper personal protection equipment to safely perform their jobs.

Direct-reading devices, such as oxygen indicators, combustible gas indicators, photo ionization detectors, radiation detectors and colorimetric indicator tubes, must be used whenever contaminants immediately dangerous to life and health may be present. This training gives an in-depth explanation of how these direct-reading devices work and their detection limitations. It also explains how sampling devices work, and why direct-reading and sampling devices should be used in tandem to obtain a full understanding of the hazards present in an area.

Viewers learn the importance of characterizing the site to identify potential safety hazards, the role of general on-site monitoring, including periodic and perimeter monitoring and personal monitoring to determine whether their own exposure to hazardous materials is nearing a danger point. This video empowers employees to protect themselves and the public from hazmat dangers by equipping hazmat workers with the knowledge and skill to use monitoring devices.

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All those working with or near hazardous materials

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Direct-Reading Devices
  • Sampling Collection Devices
  • Using Direct-Reading Devices, Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Characterizing a Site
  • Perimeter & Periodic Monitoring
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Review

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