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HAZWOPER: Medical Surveillance Program

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Because the dangers of working with hazardous materials extends beyond the work site, this video program informs workers of the risks posed by unforeseen contamination and how to correct any dangers it may pose.

With this online training video, workers learn by adhering to the guidelines of the Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response, or HAZWOPER, medical surveillance programs they can limit, if not eliminate, these possible threats and maladies.

The significance of procedures like routine health exams and testing for those working with hazardous materials is explained in the program. It also discusses the need for medical surveillance is contingent on the risk for contamination, respirator usage, whether or not a worker is a member of a hazardous material emergency response team or if a worker has developed health problems as a result of being overexposed to hazardous substances.

Workers' roles in HAZWOPER medical surveillance are discussed in the program as it relates to their participation in the five types of examinations: pre-employment, periodic, termination or reassignment, emergency and additional. The training video explains the needs for and differences in these examinations, the information health professionals hope to collect from them and how they, and the proper record keeping, can ensure continued heath and safety.

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Workers with occupational duties putting them in contact with hazardous materials

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Goals & Criteria
  • Pre-Employment & Periodic Exams
  • Emergency Medical & Follow-Up Exams
  • Exam Requirements
  • Review

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